How To Achieve Gorgeous Hair Naturally

We believe beautiful and gorgeous hair should be accessible to everyone and our experts have shared their tips for doing this easily.

1. Avoid drying hair with a towel. By using rubbing motions to dry the hair it causes frizz and breakages along the hairs, instead gently squeeze the hair of water to dry.

2. Choose a natural shampoo and conditioner. Avoid ingredients such as parabens and phosphates and try a natural alternative. The Natural World shampoos and conditioners use 95% natural derived ingredients and are free from nasties! See our full range here.

3. Take natural supplements and vitamins. If your hair is in very poor condition, we recommend asking for advice from your pharmacist which supplements can help with your hair’s condition. Vitamins A and B are known for their hair growth properties, whilst Vitamin C helps to protect against free radicals.

4. Add a hair oil to your routine. Oils have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and are now being used to add a healthy shine and gloss to hair, try our organic Argan Oil Of Morocco Moisture Rich Hair Treatment Oil.

5. Use an at-home hair mask. Once a week try using a homemade hair mask, avocados, eggs, honey and yogurt are great ingredients for nourishing hair. Find a recipe to match your hair online!

6. Minimise using heat appliances. Hair straighteners and curlers can reach over 180 degrees, which is very damaging for your hair. Instead go au naturel with your hair and forgo using heat appliances for a while to see the difference in your hair.

What is your best tip for achieving gorgeous hair naturally?

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