Range Spotlight: Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine

Everyone’s hair is different, something might work for you but not your friend or mum. Finding the right product for your hair is tricky too, which is why we’ve created a free personalised Hair Quiz to match your to your perfect Natural World range.

We’ve also been highlighting the ranges and why they’ll be fab for your hair! Catch up with our Charcoal & Mint Ultra Purifying range, Coconut Water Hydration & Shine range and Paw Paw & Quinoa Colour Radiance range posts.

What does the Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine range do?
The Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine range is infused with certified organic chia seed oil, includes naturally boosting proteins and other elements which add strength to hair. The superfood is also proven to boost limp hair with volume, as well as adding a natural glossy shine to hair.

Will it suit my hair type?
This range is ideal for those with fine or limp hair that struggles with shape and dull hair. The range is designed to be lightweight without weighing down the hair or leaving product residue behind.

How do I use the products?
We recommend you wash your hair 2-3 times per week, depending on how often your hair needs washing. Start with a generous amount of shampoo and massage this into wet hair, concentrating particularly on the scalp to remove any grease or product build-up. Natural World shampoos may not foam as well as regular shampoos because we removed an ingredient called Cococamide DEA, that’s proven to be harmful to your health. Rinse your hair of the shampoo before starting with the conditioner. Apply a few pumps of the conditioner to your hair, taking particular care on the rest of your hair and avoiding the scalp. Leave for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

To use our Anti-Gravity Oil For Fine Hair apply evenly to towel dried hair, avoiding the scalp and concentrating on the ends of your hair. Smooth through then dry and style as usual. You can also use the oil on dry hair to tame frizz (but use sparingly!) or with your shampoo by adding a few drops before shampooing.

Where can I buy them from?
Available from large Tesco stores and online. The shampoo and conditioner are £6 each for 1L sizes and the oil is £5 for 100ml. Shop Natural World.

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