8 Facts About Argan Oil That You Didn’t Know

It’s the best ingredient for treating dry and lacklustre hair, argan oil has cult status in the beauty industry and we don’t see it stopping any time soon. Discover these 8 facts about argan oil that you didn’t know…

  1. It has been used for centuries. Even though it’s only been introduced on the mass market in the past years, argan oil has been used by Berber women to help treat skin and hair conditions.
  2. Goats LOVE argan nuts and will climb any height to reach the nuts and the fruity pulp inside.
  3. It has endless uses, especially because of its high content of vitamin E it soothes dry skin and is easily absorbed!
  4. Argan Oil’s nickname is ‘liquid’ gold because it is highly valued across the world.
  5. It’s hard to produce and takes a lot of work to extract the oil from the hard nutshell.
  6. The King Of Morocco has declared the argan farming industry as a women-only workforce to remain true to tradition.
  7. Argan tree groves can last anything up to 200 years and grow up to 33ft high.
  8. It is native to the southwest of Morocco and has improved the culture and economy for those living in that area.