Facts About Chia Seed Oil

Discover why Chia Seed is the best discovery for hair yet The superfood that’s been on everyone’s lips the past year is chia seed. Whether you buy the raw seed and sprinkle it on top of your cereal or salad, blended it in a juice or smoothie or added it in an overnight and delicious pudding, there’s no doubt chia seed is a superfood sticking around.
Our range targets hair which is prone to thinning and less voluminous than desired. The certified organic Chia Seed Oil from Mexico used in our formulas are packed full of growth-encouraging vitamins to promote the healthy growth of hair, whilst creating full and youthful hair.

Breaking down the main hair benefits of chia seed, we have:

Protein: As an excellent plant-based protein, chia seed also works effectively for hair which is thin or lacking growth.

Copper: Again, great for encouraging the growth of hair, but copper also promotes the production of melanin, which delays grey hairs and intensifies the original hair colour.

Zinc: Encouraging in the production of new hair cells, zinc in chia seeds help to keep hair in its optimum and healthy condition

Alpha-linoleic acid: Chia seeds are one of the best natural resources of alpha-linoleic acid, an essential omega 3 fatty acid which helps to promote healthy hair growth.

Iron: Low iron supplies have been connected to hair loss in women, whilst chia seeds have a plentiful supply of iron for fuller and healthy hair.

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