How To Shampoo Your Hair Properly

Yes you read that right. There’s proven and effective techniques to shampoo your hair properly. We’re here to set the record straight, dispel any myths and arm you with the right techniques for better hair. Try a Natural World shampoo with 95% natural derived ingredients and free from parabens, dyes, phosphates, phthalates and gluten!

First Step
Prepare your hair before washing by using a wide tooth comb. This will help to remove oils and dirt your hair picks up and help to stimulate your scalp for hair growth.

Second Step
Wet your hair thoroughly from root to tip. Check the temperature is lukewarm, anything too hot will irritate your scalp and water too cold will not break down the oils and dirt from your scalp.

Third Step
Dispense the right amount of shampoo into your palm. As a rule of thumb, for fine hair use a cherry tomato size of shampoo and a walnut size of shampoo for thicker hair types. Your biggest mistake will be using too much shampoo!

Fourth Step
Massage your shampoo… This is where the technique comes in, concentrate on gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp and then cleansing through to the ends of your hair. Avoid making circular motions as this can cause tangles and frizz! As the foam activates, it picks up the dirt and oils from your hair before being washed away.

Fifth Step
Gently cleanse your hair of all shampoo and massage any shampoo out of your hair until clean. Follow with conditioner!

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