How To Stop Frizz In Its Tracks

You might be familiar with frizz and have experienced the unruly obstacle many times in your hair lifetime. How frizz works is when there’s a lack of moisture in your hair and the outer layer of each strand opens up and lets moisture from the air into it, then causing the ultimate frizz effects. This is most common during humid and wet weather, which in the UK it’s always raining! We’ve brought together our top tips and advice for creating smoother hair and finally fighting the frizz.

  • Don’t skip using conditioner. After shampooing your hair, use a generous amount of conditioner across your hair to help seal the cuticle strand and add in extra moisture.
  • Try letting your hair dry 80% before using a hairdryer. The hot air from the hairdryer will dehydrate and absorb more moisture from your hair, so it’ll be looking for other sources of moisture to replace what it’s lost.
  • Choose a brush that has fine and soft teeth to gently distribute natural oils from your scalp and help hydrate the rest of your hair.
  • Opt for a shampoo that will clarify your hair but not leave it feeling dry or overprocessed. Look out for ingredients such as SLS which are known to over cleanse and dry out hair.
  • Add a hair oil to your routine. We love the Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil to replace lost moisture in hair and leave a gorgeously healthy shine.