Natural World Hair – Brazilian Keratin

Natural World Hair is an award-winning affordable luxury haircare brand, created in Soho London. The reason why it’s so effective, is because it’s created with the finest natural superfood ingredients, that solve any hair issue you may have. If you’re looking for an affordable natural brand (that’s vegan and cruelty free), Natural World has a range available for every hair type.

Our Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Shampoo and conditioner have an amazing, creamy formula that is infused with precious Keratin and also includes a blend of 4 essential oils; Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang.
Keratin is the main constituent of hair and helps provide repair to the most damaged areas of your hair. That’s why this range is especially designed to:

• Help Repair
• Control Frizz
• Restore Shine & Softness

Additionally, our Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil is a luxurious and lightweight leave-in formula, that is infused with fortifying Keratin complex. A keratin moisturizing treatment is needed to help restore damaged areas of the hair’s surface to smooth and control frizz.

brazilian keratin

Benefits of Keratin:

To explain the benefits of keratin, you have to know what it is first. Keratin is a protein that’s found in hair, skin and even nails. It keeps your hair strong and healthy. However, this protein decreases over time, which is why you need to supplement your hair with keratin regularly. Haircare products that have keratin, nourish and condition the hair. This will make it look shiny and smooth, get rid of frizz and protect against heat damage (from flat and curling irons). Keratin gives an extra layer of protection and replenishes the hair during conditions when it tends to be extra dry. It also prevents hair breakage (and split ends), which is why keratin is great for when you want longer hair. Hair that’s rich in keratin is always so much smoother and frizz-free. Keratin is especially recommended if you bleach or colour your hair, swim in water with chlorine or style your hair with heat on the regular.

Our range is available nationwide at Tesco supermarket. We also have some other options available within the collection including: the Argan oil range, the Chia seed oil range, and our popular natural Coconut range directly from Thailand, for those who would like a little more volume or even an extra boost of hydration for the winter!