How to get your hair winter-ready (with the help of our vegan friendly and cruelty-free Argan oil line)

How to get your hair winter-ready (with the help of our vegan and cruelty-free Argan oil line):

1. Cut down on the heat!

Constantly using heat on your hair (I know, I know. We all love our curling and flat irons to death), will not only give you loads of split ends, but will also result in MAJOR hair breakage. Try giving your hair a break from the heat by maybe putting it up in a cute ponytail, braid or even an up-do.

2. Keep your hair (and scalp) moisturised

When it starts to cool down outside, we turn up the heat inside our houses which is an absolute nightmare for our hair. Indoor heating takes a toll on the moisture in your hair which is why you need to moisturise it even more. Try applying a few drops of the Natural World Argan hair treatment oil to your hair and you’re guaranteed soft and shiny hair, even during the winter months.
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3. Use the right conditioner

Before using certain products on your hair, make sure to read up on the ingredients first. Conditioners that contain humectants (like panthenol) and fatty acids are a big YES. Natural World Hair offers a conditioner that includes both of those ingredients and will help moisturise your hair and leave it glowing.
Moister Rich Conditioner 

4. Dry out before you go out

Make sure to always dry your hair before going out. None of us want to wake up earlier to dry our hair but it is essential that you do so (ps: try to let your hair dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer; see tip 1). Going outside with wet hair is going to make it more prone to breakage. Not only that, the colour in your hair will also fade faster. Try changing your routine and wash your hair at night to save time in the morning. If you really must leave the house with wet hair, try to protect it from the cold by tucking it into a hat.

5. Gently shampooing

Try to wash your hair as little as you can, don’t do more than 2 or 3 times a week. Avoid washing your hair with hot water, because this is going to dry out your hair. Try lukewarm water instead and finish with a bit of cold water to seal the hair cuticles. Try the Natural World Argan oil Shampoo for even more moisture and a little treat for your hair.
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Did you know that..

– Natural World is cruelty free and neither finished products nor ingredients are tested on animals? Natural World is against animal testing and ensure all ingredient suppliers are regulated for animal testing.
– All Natural World ranges except for the Brazilian Keratin range are vegan friendly and we are working towards removing all animal derived ingredients from our products?
– Natural World is an award-winning and affordable luxury haircare brand, created in the heart of Soho, London? Each range includes a blend of 95% natural derived ingredients to target your biggest hair concerns.
– Our products don’t contain parabens, phosphates, gluten, mineral oils or dyes?