What are the benefits of argan oil?

Little known in the UK, the argan nut from the argania spinosa trees grow in the wild across south-western Morocco and have been a beauty secret for hundreds of years.

Each year a tree will shed around 150kg in argan fruits, to be dried and separated from the fruit and nut and finally processed. Argan oil can be used for many different purposes such as nutritional and in food, but it’s most popular use is for beauty cosmetics with the industry estimated at over a hundred million dollars.

  • It works in harmony with your skin. Because of its properties, pure argan oil will sink into the skin easily to leave it feeling dewy and fresh, rather than oily
  • It protects and heals skin. As it is full of nourishing and hydrating vitamins, massaging argan oil into your skin will provide long-lasting moisture and protection for dry, cracked and irritated skin
  • Naturally conditions hair. Argan oil is proven to make hair softer and shinier, as it’s a lightweight and nourishing formula.
  • An alternative to acne treatments. Using a small amount of pure argan oil, it has been proven to reduce sebum levels in people with oily skin, which can cause breakouts and spots.
  • Can help to reduce scars and stretch marks. Because of its vitamin A and E properties, this encourages skin elasticity to repair troubled areas such as scars and stretch marks.

What are you using argan oil for? Do you have any other benefits of argan oil?